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Days of '49

It all began with a small chunk of gold found north of San Francisco in January of 1848. "The Days of '49" *Sutter's Hill. *The Fever Spreads. *Claim Jumpers. *The Donner Party. *The Gold's All Gone. "The Golden Highway (Hwy 49)" *The Bandito Joaquin. *The Great Tong War. *Black Bart. *The Lynching of Juanita. "Pioneers In Petticoats" *Cynthia Ann Parker. *Baby Doe. *Belle Star. Calamity Jane. Annie Oakley.


The Saga of Frank and Jesse James - The Story of Billy The Kid - Tombstone: A Town Too Tough to Die *A Robbery at Liberty. *The James Gang. *A Most Daring Robbery. *Dirty Little Coward *We called him The Kid. *Vigilante Justice. *Siege at McSween House *Murder of Houston Chapman. *The Clanton-McLaury Gang. *The Earps and Doc Holiday. *Gunfight at OK Coral. *Boot Hill

Villains & Avengers

The Good, The Bad, and Annie Oakley: *Tom Horn. *Jesse James. *Black Bart. *Billy The Kid. *Belle Star. *Butch and Sundance. *The Texas Ranges. *Wild Bill Hickok. *Judge Roy Bean. Wyatt Earp. *Bat Masterson. *Calamity Jane. *Lola and Lotta. *Nellie Cashman..*Baby Doe. *Annie Oakley. *Asa Mercer

Songs & Stories of The American Cowboy

Land rushes, legends & lyrics of the American frontier "The Cowboy" *Trail Drives *Stampedes *Trouble In Town *The Johnson Country War *A Pleasant Valley Vendetta "The Oklahoma Land Rush" *The Cherokee Strip *The Run of '89 *The Sooners *The Run of '93 *Homesteaders. Now listen to the "Songs of The Cowboy" performed by your host, Donnie Blanz.

America's Fallen Forts

Red Cloud, Crockett & Custer: "The Alamo" *The Cannon at Gonzales *Jim Bowie *Travis and Crockett *Line In The Sand *San Jacinto "The Fight at the Greasy Grass" *Custer For President *The Indian Revolt *The Army's Sioux Campaign. *Reno Hill. *Custer's Last Stand. "The Siege at Fort Phil Kearney" *The Laramie Treaty. "Red Cloud. *The Fetterman Massacre. *The Waggon Box Fight. *The Fort Burns.

Fires of Faith - The Circuit Riders

Witch Trials, Wayfaring Preachers and Washed In The Blood: *The Salem Witch Trials. *A Preacher is Sorely Needed. *The Log Book. *Cotton and Gold. *The Place of the Rye Grass *Kentucky Camp Meeting. Crazy Lorenzo Dow. *Brother Abner Hawkins. *Billy Sunday. *Aimee Semple McPherson. *The listen to The Hymns of Faith performed by Don King

Cowboys, Clowns and Carnies

Booze, Ballyhoo and Buffalo Bill: *The Great American Medicine Show *Laudanum, Whiskey and Hope *Hamlin's Wizard Oil * Loesch's Elixirs *The Kickapoo Indian Show *The Side Shows *The King of Ballyhoo *Little Egypt *Buffalo Bill Cody *The Wild West Show *Dime Novels *Heroes of the Silver Screen

American Mobsters - Bullets, Booze, and Bandits

Bathtub Hooch, Bullets and Baby-Faced Killers: *Killer With The Baby Face *Robbery at Sioux Falls *Banks Is Where The Money Is *The Gang *Siege at Manitowish Waters *The Killing of Constable Campbell *The Gun Moll *Death On A Dirt Road *The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre *Capone and New *The Lady In Red *A One Way Ride *Brinks and The Flathead Gang

Stories From The Mother Road - Told by The Road Crew

Travel Route 66 with The Road Crew! "America's Main Street, Vol. 1" - "Roadside Marvels, Vol. 2" - "Get More Kicks off Route 66, Vol. 3" - A 3-Hour journey through America's past on Route 66. History so're there!

The Hatfield McCoy Feud

*Divided By A Pig *United In The Tug *The Logan Wildcats *Family Ties *Murder and Vengeance *The Feud Spreads *Whippin' Up Trouble *Burnin' at Blackberry *The Showdown

Early Aviation

part1 "Barnstormers & Wing Walkers" - part2 "Flying The Mail" - part3 "The Birds of War" - A 3-Hour aviation journey from creation through WWII.

America's Favorite Pastime

The History of Baseball: part1 - For over two centuries, it’s been what Walt Whitman called “our game.” part2 - As baseball entered a new century, it became more popular than ever. part3 - America enjoyed the wild ride of the Roaring Twenties, but on October 29th, 1929, Wall Street crashed. part4 - After the Miracle Mets took the 1969 World Series, you’d think baseball would become more popular than ever. But the 70's were a trying time for the sport.

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